Teaching Teens to Live Comfortably in Their Skin

Individual Therapy for Teens in Coral Gables and in Brickell, FL

This was NOT your “teenage experience.”

Why does your teenager seem sad, bored, and lonely all the time even though they are talking to their friends all day and won’t get off social media?

Research shows that levels of loneliness, depression, and anxiety in teens are on the rise because of a lack of meaningful, direct, one-to-one connections. I can hear you saying, duh, isn’t that obvious?

Well, it is to us as adults, but to teens, this is one of the only ways they have been socialized to interact with peers.

When everything is boring, awkward, and not worth their time…

The fear and frustration come from knowing how much your teen needs to learn before venturing out on their own, but how are you supposed to teach them if they won’t listen to you!

Deep down you know that for your child to succeed they need to be resilient.

When you see life knock your teen down and it’s challenging for them to recover, it’s easy to panic.

One thing is knowing what you need to do, and another is implementing the techniques you read about.

Life can be meaningful, exciting, and manageable for your teen.

Your teen likely mentions on a regular basis how misunderstood or unheard they feel.

It’s challenging for them to manage their emotions and resolve conflicts easily.

Imagine learning different techniques that allow you to connect with your teen and deepen the relationship you already have.

Life Skills that Teens Can Relate to and Easily Apply

Our work will provide your family with the insights and strategies to support your teen through this challenging stage of their life and beyond.

It’s not worth waiting until they are older to find out if you should have acted earlier.

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