emotions are beating the s**t out of you.

Therapy can bring relief.

Psychologist in Miami, FL and Online.

“I do not want ‘this’ to be my life story.”

Things are not working out the way you imagined. It turns out life is much harder than you ever suspected (the Friends intro song rings true now).

Having to manage your relationships and job, while balancing school and your hobbies, can be downright demoralizing. It’s so hard to keep momentum.

 Sometimes you think about the uncertainty of your future and feel like you’re staring into a black hole.

“Remind me how successful people create such clear paths for themselves?”

 With everything going on in your life, identifying your next step can feel impossible.

 You have a sense of your potential, but fear and anxiety keep clouding your vision.

 Emotions sling you around like a ragdoll and you find yourself bending over backwards trying to keep everyone happy.

 Here’s the deal, #adulting does not have to be traumatic or like free-falling from a cliff into shark-infested waters. So why let it?

What does therapy do? 

Our work together can help you get out of your own way and discover what you truly want to do and become. 

I will help you move forward with certainty, knowing that you are equipped to make decisions and tolerate most outcomes.

You can develop relationships that feel nourishing and not draining. Because no one likes thirsty people.

Let’s get this straight… 

You want to feel calmer about life and your decisions. Obviously.

Well, we can convert the painful and stressful experiences you’ve lived through into the very stuff that empowers you. 

The life you are looking for is possible. 

I can provide you with the space to make it happen. 

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