There are two main ways to think of mindfulness:

(1) Breathing may actually be your superpower. The one thing in your control. Focusing on one thing at a time, like your breath, is like learning to surf a mega wave of emotions (knowing that there is no option to simply jump off of it).

When you are able to bring your mind back gently to what is happening before you, you are stopping the cycle of being tossed around by your thoughts and emotions like a ragdoll in a tornado.

(2) On the other hand, opening your mind to what surrounds you can help increase your creativity, your ability to see other’s perspectives, and to take in the facts of events.

An open mind gives you choices:

Are you going to react like you always do or respond how you’ve always wanted?

Will you acknowledge that your way or the highway leaves you alone on the highway and far from civilization or can you see truth in what others have to say?

Can you imagine seeing wider and farther beyond your problems so you do not feel like you are drowning  in them?

Check out this video to do a guided mindfulness practice and learn more about strengthening your mind!