What to Expect

Before you arrive

Once you’re here, we’ll focus entirely on you – on what brings you in.

So, before you even step into my office, we’ll take care of the preliminaries.

First, I’ll e-mail you documents informing you of your rights as a client, consent to treatment, and payment information.

Second, you’ll also complete a background information form.

Finally, we’ll have an initial intake meeting – a get-to-know-each-other time: you can ask me questions about me and therapy, and I can ask you for additional information about your background and your specific needs.

Most importantly, we’ll make up our minds regarding goodness fit (i.e., do we think it’s a good idea to work with each other).

Building a strong foundation.

Together, we’ll spend the next 2-3 sessions setting your therapy goals and developing a plan to achieve them.

Just as importantly, we’ll be building the strong level of trust we need so you feel safe and comfortable in sharing your story with me.

It takes time to grow any relationship, including ours.

That’s why I highly value being open, honest, and genuine with you from the beginning (Warning: I might let a curse word or two slip here and there when I get excited!).

Early in the process (if appropriate), we’ll weave in skills to help you feel more grounded and better aware of your emotions.

I’ll also teach you ways to manage those emotions when they feel too intense to handle.

As we go…

After session 5 or 6, we’ll take stock of how things are going for you and determine whether we need to make any changes.

Tailored to your specific goals and needs, we’ll spend plenty of time reflecting on the areas of your life you would like to improve, recognizing thoughts and emotions that influence how you respond to situations, things that are going well in your life, and how you see yourself in the future.

We may delve into past events, especially if you feel “stuck” or if you need to process painful or traumatic life events so you can move forward with your best self.

And always, our first priority will be designing your life to be its most meaningful and satisfying.

Are you ready?

It’s time to take the first step – reach out to me directly (786) 318-1915.

If I’m unable to answer, leave me a confidential message, and I’ll get right back to you.

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