Therapy for Adulting

Adulting is hard.

So many changes.

Stress. Responsibilities. Demands.

The transition from being treated like a child to suddenly being expected to act like an adult.

Early or “Provisional” Adulthood.

If you’re between 18 and 35, tag. You’re it.

You’re finally out on your own. Now what?

Now that it all falls on you, it’s challenging to make the “right decision” to solve problems on your own.

“Does everyone else feel constantly anxious, nervous, restless, or on-edge like me?!”

You may be thinking, “I really ought to know…” or “I really should know how to…”

And you may end up judging yourself when you don’t.

Alone. Helpless. Paralyzed.

You’d never dream of talking to your friends. You couldn’t face them.

So you’re stuck – you can’t see any way to get yourself out of this hole.

But stop. Give yourself a break.

Nobody expects you to know it all.

The most resilient or “whole-hearted” people know themselves.

They recognize they do not know it all –

And that they need support, a team of people, to get through life’s toughest moments.

Are you playing the game or is the game playing you?

Are your relationships healthy?

Do you often feel like you’re playing a game you can’t win?

Like no one respects or really “hears” you?

When your relationships aren’t going well, they can really take a toll on your self-esteem.

You feel insecure. You doubt your decisions.

It’s hard to know who you really are or what you truly want.

Isn’t it time to make some changes?

What’s up with this therapy thing?

You’re right. What could possibly be beneficial about learning more about yourself?

Realizing that “toughing it out” doesn’t work? Letting go of what’s weighing you down?

Finding someone who won’t judge you – Not even the thoughts/behaviors you are most ashamed of (believe me, we’ve heard worse)?

You don’t have to navigate this phase of your life alone!

Therapy can offer you a space to organize your thoughts, realize that emotions are not facts, and acquire the life skills you need to live a meaningful life.

Take the next step.

Imagine it.

Having greater emotional control.

Relying less on parents for the “hard stuff.”

Feeling more connected to others.

Finding out who you really want to be – And organizing your life accordingly.


Dump the doubts.

The time is now.

You’ve already taken the hardest step.

Surprise Yourself

Reach out.

Give me a call to find out more.