“Basic Life Skills Required”

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could post an ad that attracts individuals who are:

Socially competent

Cope well with stress and uncertainty

Problem-solve/Make decisions independently

AND want to join your organization/institution?

The reality is that many of us are tragically underequipped for managing unending hours of sitting, concentrating, managing time, and to top it all off, navigating the stress, frustration, and other intense emotions that come with working or studying in high-achievement settings.

It is not our fault. These skills need to be taught.

Learn the Skills

Given that employees and students spend most of their time in your organization, you may feel a sense of responsibility.

If you provide your people with the additional tools to be resilient, work independently while knowing how to work as part of a team, and manage emotions well, then productivity, connection, and overall well-being skyrockets!

How are you going to nourish your organization or workforce?

Now more than ever, organizations and institutions need to keep pace with our rapidly evolving culture and shared narrative.

As your organization moves to keep up with the times, it’s become imperative to support your people to adapt.

Living a Life that is Balanced, Stimulating, and Meaningful

Through a regular mindfulness practice and a willingness to challenge embedded patterns, your students, employees, and staff can develop more resilience and higher levels of collaboration.

A more present and compassionate organization is more productive.

Through increased awareness AND skill acquisition, individuals will be better equipped to make sound decisions under pressure.

The topics your community could benefit from are extensive.

Examples of potential presentations or workshops for your place of work or school include:

  • Emotional Intelligence and Resilience/Grit
  • Mindfulness and Stress Management in (the Workplace or School)
  • The Art of Productivity and Learning Effective Problem-Solving
  • Discussing Body Positivity and Empowering Girls
  • Assessing for depression, anxiety, or life-threatening behaviors
  • Building and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Effectively dealing with bullying

I can offer any variation of the examples provided above or present on a specific topic of your choice.

Let’s work together!

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Thank you for leading by example and providing your organization with the necessary tools to thrive.

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