Online Therapy

“Can life just not be so hard? Thanks.”

You keep expecting things to get easier or at least for you to handle things differently; the more time passes and a new stage begins.

What is wrong with this picture?

The suffering continues, you keep wishing you could just handle stress and anxiety differently.

It’s not your fault that your brain travels a million miles a minute, and it’s hard to ever feel content with where you are.

It’s hard feeling all the feels. All the time.

If only there were something (and someone) who could help with those struggles… Take a guess.

Has therapy seemed like an impossibility with your schedule?

Life has so many moving pieces.

Sometimes it’s hard to prioritize yourself.

If traveling to a therapy session, finding parking/taking public transportation, and waiting for your appointment was taken out of equation, would therapy finally become an option?

Therapy from the comfort of your safe space.

You can now schedule your sessions online through a secure client portal or over e-mail.

All the information you will need to get started will be sent to you ahead of time.

Your sessions will be held through a secure, HIPAA-compliant, video platform. 

Opening the doors to a new possibility.

Online Therapy or Telepsychology/Telehealth offers similar benefits to in-person psychotherapy when it is the right fit. Ask yourself if you are open to:

  • Learn new strategies to cope with the intense emotions and all the consequences that come with the feelings.
  • Explore patterns of behaviors and why it’s been challenging to change (i.e., get to know yourself).
  • Engage with yourself more compassionately and genuinely to get to your life goals less bruised and beaten.

Call (786) 318-1915 or email today to find out if Online Therapy is right for you or your teen!